Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This sweet little thing is transitioning to t.r.o.u.b.l.e.
She doesn't walk yet but she can crawl and she can stand very well and she is into EVERYTHING
(granted this is a small thing she is into but that bottle top that she has in her mouth is from a drawer she rips apart daily.) She's at the age where she wants what she isn't supposed to have. It's maddening to have all those toys right there and she screaming to get what she can't have.  And she's at the age where she knows crying is a useful tool. If crying doesn't get what she wants, it usually makes the situation change in one way or another, for better or worse.  oye.

Then there are meal times.....
What a mess! She likes to spit out her food and her favorite is when she can get the food out on her lips and then raspberry it so that it gets all over. I just got done attempting to feed her breakfast. She fought for the spoon. She raspberried her food so that it ended up in her hair. So we gave up on breakfast. I figured she wasn't hungry enough to want to eat it. And p.s. this girl doesn't like cherrios. What child doesn't like Cherrios?

Even though she is becoming a bit crazy but she can be so sweet. She loves to cuddle.  I love it when she puts her arms around my neck. She's a bit of a sour patch. First their sour and then their sweet...except usually she plays it the other way around I feel like.

One other thing about this adorable trouble babe. Yesterday I was doing a bit of  Richard Simmons to loosen up my muscles. At the end of each song they clapped for the band playing the music in the video and Little miss would start clapping with them. It made me giggle. And then I did some Jillian. Little Miss started to cry. I looked over and she is crying as she tries with all her might to pick up 5lb weights. She was getting so mad that she couldn't move them. Haha. poor girl. I guess we've got an aspiring  heavy weight lifter in our family.

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