Monday, April 7, 2014

splish splash

During spring break we took the girls to an indoor water park. I don't like swimming, water or swimsuits in general but I really enjoyed this outing.  My favorite was the lazy river( ?). I loved floating around with the girls and they loved it too. Totally recommend it, however I can't imagine I would have enjoyed it much if it had been busy.

Look at Boo! I can't believe how much she is growing up. She is turning into such a little kid- I haven't considered her a toddler for a very long time but she just transitioning into a school age kid. Time flies SOOOOOO very fast. Little Miss turns 1 very soon and that seems so very odd. It seems like maybe six months. ... Oh geez, i sure love my girls.

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shandy said...

Your girls are ADORABLE!!! I'm totally making time for you during my secret trip home. Less than a month...EEP!!!