Monday, April 14, 2014

rhyme time

Boo has a set of words she keeps on repeating...and working hard at remembering what the words are. I can't figure out where she learned them but she keeps on trying to remember them. I first heard "cheese please". I asked why she said it and she said "it rhymes!"  I was surprised because I had tried to introduce her to rhyming but she was just not picking up on it. Anyway, as she went on with her words her next ones were "humble bird, flower."  And I'd say, "that doesn't rhyme". Then she continues on with a bunch of her made up words.  She has been making up words with odd sounds for I'd say a year-ish.  I think it's funny that she routinely goes through those words, tapping her index finger on her palm of her other hand as she tries to remember the words.

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