Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let us eat Cake!

Pinterest isn't working for me today and that has made me realize how much I depend on Pinterest. It isn't just a place that I pin things that look cool with only a slight chance of me using. It's my recipe book. I love finding recipes and trying them. I decided that I love to cook and try new recipes-most of the time. The foods are usually fairly similar and not outrageous. I am picky with my food and not extremely adventureous but I'm getting better. Anyway, this post if for a back up storage-in case Pinterest doesn't work again sometime in the future.

My mom gave me some chocolate cake when I was visiting her house yesterday.  It was homemade (not out of a box). It tasted somewhat like a Ding-Dong, Ho-HO....or some kind of chocolate snack cake. I can picture using this for cupcakes with a cream filling and this yummy sour cream frosting- or cake balls (never made them but I think this would make good ones).   And I would definitely make this for as a plain chocolate cake.

It came from Midwest Living Magazine.

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Becky said...

Ooooo!!!! That sounds GOOD! I totally wish I had that cake in my house today...and if I wouldn't be here tomorrow.

PS - we got your package yesterday! Thank you! Marley LOVES her bracelet and the others are prefect for Isi. I love the white one and she will definitely wear that when she is blessed. Could you text me your address? Please!