Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy thoughts

Sometimes I don't like that my blog is mostly about my daughter but sometimes I just want to just share how fun she is- sometimes I need the reminder. Especially, after days of her pushing, screaming and biting her cousin, its good for me to remember how fun and cute she is.

One of my favorite things she says is "much fun" instead of "so much fun". My favorite time she uses it is when I lay on the floor and cuddle with her at bedtime. She'll look at me with a big smile on her face and say "much fun!" When she says that I hear "I love you".  (btw, she sleeps on the floor and has completely given up on the toddler bed, and I'm mostly okay with that).

Sometimes we take walks on the bike trail where she walks instead of riding in the stroller. Whenever she sees someones about 20 feet away she'll start waving her hand enthusiastically and start saying "hi" in her deep voice. It's so funny. The old people love her!

She just looked out the window and saw a dog and she started saying "hi" in her baby voice (similiar to how we talk to babies). Then she said "toot doogie" meaning "cute".

(This was taken probably sometime in the fall)

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Becky said...

How cute! She has a deep voice? So cool to know! I wonder where she got that...A...I've always thought you had a manly voice. JUST KIDDING! I'm sure she is talking like the Gentle Giant.

I love her blue blue eyes and redish hair. She's a beauty! So toot!