Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Am I odd that I like to paint pictures for my header? Ever since I was a teenager, I'd say middle school aged, I liked to paint pictures on the computer. I guess it must stem out of my kindergarten dream of being an artist (I wanted to be a good at drawing like my brother). Since I'm very limited in what I can do with an actual paper and pencil, this is my fulfillment of that dream.

I'm loving this spring weather we have been having here. It's been perfect for walking. I've been trying to take two walks a day. One with the kids (boo and my nephew) and one at night. The one in the morning is wonderful because the it restrains the kids. Am I terrible for loving car seats, strollers and high chairs for the sake that its just a few minutes that I don't need to worry about where they are? They can only do so much damage in those situations.   And I love, LOVE the evening walks that I take all by myself. I thought there was freedom and peace in my morning walks but taking a walk all by myself is so LIBERATING. It relieves all the anxious tension I often feel. I can actually think! I'm not worried about taking care of anyone else but myself. I can even call my friends who I haven't called in a long time. I can walk faster and swing my arms instead of pushing a stroller. I hope I can keep these evening walks up-even when it gets warmer.

Here a few pictures of Boo...

This isn't the best picture, I took it with my phone. She fell flat on her face as she was running around while I was putting the stroller away. Currently, the scrape is brown from the scabbing (I guess) so I have a brown-noser. :)

Also taken with my phone. She took the kid's meal binoculars with her on the walk. She was so cute looking at bugs with them.

By the time I get halfway through my blog posts, I wonder why I'm even posting or sharing what I am sharing. Oh well I guess. If you care, you care. If you don't, you don't.  I'm kinda sad I've turned into a boring mommy blogger. I suppose I need to find renewed purpose in blogging.

Until next time.


Caitlin said...

I'm very impressed by your computer drawings! Do you just use paint? Again, VERY impressive. :)

Becky said...

I'm totally impressed with your computer drawings too! I LOVE them! I wish I was as skilled.

Boo is so cute! What a good idea. Two walks a day. I'm thinking about doing that.

I feel the same way when I blog. Half way through I'm like, "this is too long." "this is too short", "this is funny to me, but will it be to anyone else?" or "why am I blogging about this?"
(same with leaving comments)

I just do it because my family is so far away...and if I don't blog regularly I get in big trouble, from my sisters and mom.

KEEP it up! I love reading your blog and seeing pictures. If for no one else...do it for ME!!! Please!

Alissa said...

I should probably put a disclosure that a lot of these pictures (like the tree, bird, butterfly and text) are from text objects-I did not draw them this time around. :)

Don't worry Becky, I'll keep blogging-I've just got to get better about finding things to blog about.

Ben said...

I love your posts. I too wonder why sometimes I put something up on the blog, but then I think, well if it is important enough for me to want to remember then it's good for the b log! Your girl is so cute. Katelyn fell once and got a real nasty "rug burn/brown scab" once and it lasted forever, but you can't even tell now:) Enjoy those walks.

Kyra and Ben said...

Oops. The previous Ben post if from me:) Just in case you were wondering.