Friday, April 13, 2012

My little artist

Boo's First Portrait. I'm so proud. It's of her daddy.  She had a circle on her paper and I said that it looked like daddy. And then I asked her about eyes and then she drew them, then the smile, ears and nose. She's the one that decided he needed toes and that's how we got the arms and legs. 

Just thougt I'd include this one, I love her pout look....sometimes. :) 

I also wanted to say  sorry for making the "weighed down" post so depressing. I was just sharing my thoughts that have been occupying my mind and well, weighing me down a bit but I really am happy doing well.  As my sister shared with me in her comments ""(I)have a pink kink in your think. Bound, Bound and Rebound. You're doing great, just keep it up. Just look around! "  Thanks for you love and support.
the link is to the short video before a pixar movie.
You're doing great, just keep it up!

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Nathan said...

We love Boundin' that is a great quote from it, your sister shared. So true!

What an awesome portrait. So good that you took a picture and explained it...and saved it to the blog! So smart!

Love Boo's brown hat and her pout. Such a cutie.

Love you A!