Saturday, May 2, 2015

the prime of my life

I'm not sure what the true definition of prime of life is....isn't like the best time, the highlight of your life?  Anyway, I had a thought this week that I am probably in the prime of my life. Doing my most important and fun work i'll ever do. Maybe I feel that way because I can't picture life after kids.  But I had a really good week. I felt like I was being a pretty awesome homemaker (seriously,  I made jsm, pie and bread fantastically all in one day)and a being a pretty good mom. But then yesterday about noon everything started to go down hill. Little Miss's attitude took a turn for the worst, my second attempt at bread was a fail, my plans for the day all fell apart. blame it on the pregnancy hormones, i started to lose it. I put myself in time out. After the kids were in bed, I went grocery shopping instead of out on a date with the hubby due to unexpected work stuff,  bought a few fun items for me, spent $200 on maternity clothes online (most will go back i'm sure), had a Ben and jerry's and my mood improved.
This morning, everything went back to how it was before bed time. Somehow, I got the kids pulled together to go to garage sales. I stopped to get gas and the song "you're gonna miss this" came on over the speakers.
just what I needed to hear, even though it's still hard. Just need to push through and enjoy the shinning,  happy moments.

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Kimber said...

i love all the highs and lows in this. So true, the best and most exhausting time in our lives…i hope you had the ben and jerry's tonight dough ice cream, SOOOOOOOOO good.