Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Little miss

Just thought I'd blog about this sweet little miss

She is crazy. She is a tease. She pushes the limits. Thinks is funny to do naughty things.  She is a climber. She is becoming a fighter but she is a lover....such a cuddly thing. I live this little miss. Brings joy to my heart. 
She recently celebrated a special day.
Funny how different things are with the second child. No party. I kinda wanted to but it wasn't going to happen.  Instead she spent the day fighting to play with her new toys. This is new territory since boo wasn't interested in her toys before because they were baby toys but I would say boo plays and loves them just as much.  we got her an elmo book that plays tunes and boo loves singing the words from the Book. this morning she was singing to little miss so cute. Special moments. 

So happy to have these girls a part of my life, a little terrified of three against one coming up in the future but i'm sure there will be so much added joy and special moments.

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The Christophersons said...

The cake was super cute! Looks delicious too. Miss you guys!!