Saturday, April 4, 2015

hippity, hoppity ready for Easter

I think we are all set for easter around here.  Eggs are filled, baskets ready

Eggs dyed
 Although, don't try coloring eggs when they are hot with crayons. I read somewhere that they died the first easter egg red to symbolize Christ,  do I tried this method out with this egg. Little Miss pulled the egg carton with the wet colored egg down and crayon got in boo's hair and face and all over the flOor. Crayon Wax is not easy to get off your skin or hair....or floor. Thank heavens I  found a magic eraser on hand. It saved the day. Long story short: crayon method was a total fail and magic erasers are awesome!
Cookies made for Saturday night dinner with family

We've done our best at learning about the Savior's last week each night, we really didn't do the activities though. I started off using this blog post, a deliberate mothers guide to easter , which is good but we found this one from LDS daily with the lds bible videos linked up to tell the stories. It's  been good for our family. I wanted boo to understand easter and not have be about candy or baskets. 

A tip for those who do the videos: Thursday night and Friday night the stories of Jesus are sad and difficult. Thankfully, my mother in law was here at the end of the video and caught on to what Boo was feeling and pulled up a picture of resurrected Christ and reminded her of the happy ending. But I think it's good but difficult to go through the story daily and understand what he went through for us individually, and not just breeze by "he suffered and died" and jump to He is Risen! 

I'm so thankful to be able to teach my children the gospel. Yes, it is easier to let others do it but it's do important it comes from the home.  

Easter is such important holiday and yet again it is reduced by the traditions of our culture.  I feel that there have been so many that have lost loved ones in the very recent past and it is a hard thing. But  because of Easter and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ we have the knowledge that we can live again resurrected and can be cleansed from sin as we partake if His blood of the new covenant.  And as we live the best we can and partake of the covenants of the temple our families can be together forever all because of our Savior. What a beautiful, glorious  gospel of love and sacrifice.  

Happy Easter!! 

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