Saturday, October 17, 2015


So obviously I have a post baby body and I am totally okay with it. I'm okay with little miss calling my tummy squishy all the time ( don't love her pushing on it however. ) I know my body has paid a price for my sweet babes and that's okay.  I will exercise and feel good about my body.

But when you go in for the post-baby check and your doctor checks your tummy and states " you have a lot of loose skin. You're going to need a tummy tuck.".

Say what?!! Who says that, especially so soon. I wasn't concerned.  And in fact i'm pretty sure it's normal.

I'm glad i'm happy enough with my body and confident that I can exercise and know my body will be fine in a few months (or many months). Otherwise that could have really hit my self esteem.  Goodness. Her statement comes to mind often but I just roll my eyes and laugh it off.

All worth it. If my squishy tummy doesn't go away. I hope I can wear it like a badge of honor, being a mother of my 3 wonderful girls.


Jessie and Austin said...

WHAAAAT!!?? that is crazy. You look awesome and have always been so good about working out, I learn from your example. But any body comments are so unnecessary so soon after having a baby! Gosh.

Kimber said...

Holy cow are you kidding me?!? That is awful!!! Why the freak would she say that? Girl, I am so sorry, you have the vest attitude and I'm glad you are a good example to me of positive health and confidence. You look beautiful and are doing great!