Monday, October 12, 2015

Wanna be farmers

GG had the day off yesterday,  ya you heard me right. :) happens once in a blue moon that he has no church or work stuff going on... ( I really don't know how rare blue moons are, but it may be more rare than a blue moon).

Anyway we decided to go and pick a pumpkin ...and raspberries and apples, just a few for the fun of it. I wish  that we picked more and either froze them or made yummy food with them. Oh well. Harvesting the fruit makes me want to have a big garden but them there is the planting and making them grow thing....
 They also had a few other fall activities.

Will we go back there for picking pumpkins instead of the big Halloween pumpkin patches in the future? don't know. I liked it but boo remembers the other patches and she wasn't as thrilled, I don't think. But I liked the simplicity, the price and the produce. 

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