Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tea Party

I had fun putting together this party. I went a little crazy but had fun. Part of the fun in the party planning is doing it as simply and cheaply as I can but keeping it pretty awesome. The hard part of doing it cheaply means that I have to take more time creating and baking instead of buying it all put together for me. Say the pinata. I could easily bought a pinata. but it is incredibly cheap to make just takes time.

Or the paper banner and pinwheel decorations. Takes time but so cheap. The other part of keeping it cheap is that even 25 cents adds up pretty fast.

The tissue paper flowers were used for decorations and we used them for their fancy headbands they wore for the tea party.

I have no idea I spent or how many hours I put into putting this party together for my dear Boo. But I loved doing it for her and she loved it. Now, I am anxiously awaiting to have another tea party. And I really really want another petit four....plenty of work but so so yummy.

 We played musical chairs and sugar cube drop relay game (no pic of that one though)
 The lovely ladies:
This picture makes me happy, Boo's face makes it all worth the work!
Love this girl!

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