Monday, July 20, 2015

That's life

So it has been almost a week with Little Miss in a toddler bed. It's going okay. Sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it's rough. But that has more to do with the general struggles we are having with her right now. Two is such a hard age. Fighting for independence and not wanting to follow the rules. She very defiantly does exactly what is going to push Boo's buttons and ours . Oh so fun. Wish we could figure that one out before baby comes but probably not. Here is how I found her sleeping tonight:
I took Boo to the doctor for her school check up today. She went off with the nurse for her eye screening. The nurse came back asking if Boo ever complained about her left eye. What the heck! She couldn't make hardly anything out with her left eye. I am baffled. There had been no indication in her writing, reading or playing that had made me think that. However,  that might contribute to her lack of ability to throw and catch balls well. I just figured she wasn't coordinated enough and sports were going to be her Forte.  So I am dumbfounded. I did have a friend mention something when she was two about some pictures on the blog.  I mentioned to my doctor and she didn't seem concerned.  So I never took her to an eye doctor. Feel kinda bad I didn't listen. So off to the eye doctor we go next week. I'm totally bummed, for several reasons, at the prospect and likelihood of glasses for her.  Se la vi. 

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Kimber said...

the glasses on her are hilarious