Monday, July 13, 2015

An end of an era....and 4th of July pictures

All it took was one very ohnry tired girl to change bed time as we know it.

Little miss, the ninja climber has finally learned how to climb out of her crib. She'll climb up anywhere and get into anything (I mean anything, such a dubious child) but she just couldn't get down.  You might be thinking, "perfect timing, just in time for the new baby coming". I was well prepared to let this new baby sleep in a pack n' play until Little miss finally figured out how to get out of the crib, even if it took a year. Bedtimes have worked like a charm and i didn't want to upset that. Until recently due to pregnancy related issues , I have slept through the night most nights for a year.  Ahh, what a wonderful blessing it had been. I am now terrified of this dubious 2 year old not being where I laid her down at night. What will this mean for nap times??? Oh dear.

....and here are some 4th of July pictures. We took it easy, decided to keep it fairly simple and it wad very enjoyable.
Started the day bright and early with our church breakfast and kids parade. *love it*

Then to a small town parade where they showered us with water and tons of candy.

Then we hung out with Padres for the evening with homemade ice cream and a game of croquet. If you are my family, Boo had seen "the video", and i'm pretty sure she said, "no one's going to pull your hair this time". We teased about the childhood video through out the game. Kinda fun but can't say Boo loved the game much but she got through it. she had fun watching a few of the neighbors fireworks and then we called it a night. It felt like a successful, fairly simple celebration.

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