Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My sour patch kid

Alright this my third attempt to post in a week or so but I keep losing my post when I tried to attach a video. So I give up with the video.

Little Miss is emerging into her terrible twos and it driving me crazy. The video I tried to upload was of her craziness as she cried and cried as kept piling boojs,bkanjets, shoes, toys, basically anything she could find on top of me as I lay on the couch. She then climbed on top Of the pile and me. She was really crazy.

Here are some of her naughtiness:
1. This morning she pulled the pitcher of juice off the counter. I ran in to see what happened, I slipped and fell like they do In the movies.
2. This morning again, coloring on my mirror with my make up. And she thinks it's great fun to play with my make up in general
3. she is a ninja climber. i even took the handles off the cupboards that she used to climb up and she still figured it out how to get up to help herself to food.
4. She is crazy about brushing her teeth.  she wants to brush all the time and doesn't want to stop. Drives me batty.
5. She throws stuff when she is mad.
6. She is a tease. She acts like she's giving you something and then pulls it away Right as you reach for it . This one wouldn't bother me except that it drives boo crazy.
7. She roars when she is protecting a toy from boo or others taking it from her.

 She is a determined one. I guess that is what makes the twos terrible, they gain determination and an opinion.

she's a bit of a sour patch, first she's sweet then she's sour. Because despite this list she is a cuddly little sweet thing. And she loves to smile and laugh, something we noticed when she was little-little.

I hope this means when she turns three she turn into an angel like boo did. :)


Stephanie said...

Haha!! Poor mama! Me and 2 year olds don't get along! It's a rough stretch for sure. Mostly when you don't feel awesome... But I tot wish I could have seen that juice slip!!

Alissa said...

I actually fell again yesterday. Twice in one day! I couldn't believe it. bUT you wouldn't have wanted to see that one since it 2as me getting out of the shower!

Two year Olds are special creatures. :)

Alissa said...
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