Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a thousand words

I have a friend who is doing a challenge called something like "in the picture"??? Anyway, it's something about how mom's are always the ones behind the camera and that the kids and you are going to want to remember you were a part of it all. I love that on my friend's blog she has pictures of her when she isn't all gussied up but what she looks like in the morning playing with her kids at home. I very much admire her confidence in herself pretty much in every way but I thought that was very admirable. I thought I'd try to to take more pictures and sometimes include me in them...even without showering or getting ready for the day...yikes.  I haven't taken pictures every day but I have pulled the camera out since I have been soooo very lazy.

I've also been inspired to take more pictures and get more on our video camera because of my grandpa who passed away. He was always video taping and keeping a record of life. I most likely will not be as diligent as he but I need to do better documenting my family's life. I love my life and I want to remember it. And they are going to want to remember it to. I'm not very good with words..especially the spoken word and these pictures are going to be worth a thousand words when they ask, "what was I like when I was growing up?"

 Hair pulling and this time it's not me pulling my own hair...sometimes I let her, it's better than her grabbing my eyes and lips:

Sisters watching Baby Einstein

The grabbing of the lips that I previously mentioned:
 Here little miss! Here little miss! Interesting little habit she has picked up lately:

 Climbing and attacking mom all while giggling...I grabbed my phone since it was within arms reach

 falling asleep while eating...ahhhhh

I'll keep trying to take pictures throughout the month.


Kimber said...


Very sweet words, I think the same of you! Next thing I want to work on is videos for sure...

Suzanne and Nate said...

Love the challenge Kimber ...and you are doing! I need to do it too, because honestly Nate just isn't always around to do it for me, or doesn't think about picking up the camera :) and you shouldn't worry about pics without make-up, you are gorgeous!