Tuesday, July 9, 2013

more little miss

I want to post but I'm not really sure about what. Stay with me, maybe I'll come up with something clever. :)

This has been a great summer- GG gets to stay home more since he quit his high school football coaching job so he can be an assistant athletic director at a high school here in town. It has been so great to have him around most of the time to help with the girls. I really haven't had to go out too often by myself with the two girls. Boo really is great so it isn't usually too bad anyway but Little Miss can make things difficult.  I think I'm in for a rude awakening when GG has to go back to work everyday, with sporting events, and bishop stuff.  I'll try not to complain about it until it happens. :) But I do know I've been very blessed this summer to have him around.

Here are some more pretty pictures my friend took when Miss B was only a few days old. I do have to brag. My sister said that the Little Miss was in the top 5 cutest babies-and she said it quite definitely. Where Miss B ranked in that top 5? I'm not sure. Who else was in that list? I don't know that she even knows. But my baby made it. However, she came back to town to visit a couple of weeks later and apparently Miss B had fallen and only made it in the top 10. hmm. whatever.

 Don't you LOVE those feet. ..  however she got my feet and won't be so adorable when she older..but hey, what adult has adorable feet? Just sayin.

We had Little Miss B blessed when she was two weeks old. These are the only pictures I have so far- there were three cameras taking pictures but hardly any of them turned out super duper fantastic- we didn't know which way to look so we were often looking in different directions and then the lighting wasn't great. I need to play around with the rest of the pictures in photoshop someday so until then this is what I've got.

Boo with her cousins
 Love that yawn. Makes you want to yawn too huh?

 My sister in law whipped up these ADORABLE little shoes for her skinny tiny feet. Her heel at this age was less than half an inch wide....
 Mi padres.

Well, GG just came home EARLY, what?? Super surpised...so my blogging...or rather picture posting has come to an end. See ya all later.


Stacey said...

That profile picture looks like Stephanie more than you. I had to do a double take.

Jessie and Austin said...

Those blessing pics are SO CUTE!

Sharee said...

She is so beautiful! Congratulations!

ashleykk said...

I can't believe how long and skinny her fingers and toes are!! I thought my babies had long toes, but they're nothing compared to hers! :)