Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I'm a happy momma. Look at these girls!

Life feels good right now. It does.
 The hubby isn't too busy right now, he's got meetings for his new job but its not too bad. As long as I know what to expect it easier to handle. 

The girls are great. really they are. Boo says, "MOM. MOM. MOM" over and over, and it feels like she dose it ALL the time. Sometimes it makes me want to go crazy but she just wants my attention. I love her and I want to give her my attention so I need to just breathe when she does that, stop what I am doing and give her my attention. 
Other than that, she is the BEST big sister. I love how she talks to Little Miss and tries to help her be happy. She is such a BIG help.
This picture above is after she got all dressed and says shes "just gonna dance". And she dances to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom as she looks at herself in the refection on the TV. So funny. I Love her personality.

Little Miss is an easy baby. She cried today and I tried to calm her without feeding her (I didn't think she should have been ready to yet). As I struggled to calm her I realized, she really doesn't cry too much. She is a wonderful baby. She has such a big smile. I love it when she tries to talk to me. So sweet.

I'm sleepy and getting more exhausted but if I think about the last two months and all that we have done and the fact that I have a newborn baby--the tiredness hasn't been that bad, I know I'm blessed. (mostly because I have a very helpful husband who lets me sleep in some.)

Look at the cutest bug! So funny. Boo was shinny her flashlight on her (at least she was kind enough to put glasses on Little Miss before shinning her flashlight in her eyes....her flashlight is NOT bright at all otherwise I would not be sitting there taking pictures.) 

Happy girls, happy momma, happy life. 

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