Monday, July 22, 2013

I like to eat!

I love love baked goods. And I have been baking and eating up a storm. I like to think that because I'm nursing, I get a free pass...especially for seconds and thirds. :)

I think I might be addicted to Sprite. Weird right? Its not even caffeinated. I told GG last night its that first drink where its so bubbly and exciting in your mouth. He said, that's just like meth. Really? comparing Sprite to meth. That doesn't really seem fair or right. But he had a week training this summer on drug addiction and recognizing it in the high school kids.   Its a good thing I can't justify spending money for a sugary drink very often- special occasions. I'm social soda drinker. :)

After talking about my crazy inability to control my hunger and cravings right now, I realize and KNOW I need to stop. I felt very depressed Saturday when I tried to find a dress in my closet to wear to a wedding. BLGH! So gross. I feel worse now than I did a month a go.  I'd ask for good ideas to stop eating or exercise but I probably won't take it.  I'm going to try real hard this week not make anymore baked goods- granted I've got half of this cake still in my fridge so it shouldn't be too hard. Its so ridiculously rich:

I'm going to maybe better this week. :)  Happy eating this week.


Stacey said...

Baby steps. Don't stop baking! But when you do bake make sure at least half of it goes to someone else. If you can't find someone to share it with, don't make it. It worked for me...the exercising, etc. comes later.

Suzanne and Nate said...

Love your posts!!! And I know this feeling. I got hooked on sprite right after I had Lincoln, I think I craved that instant energy it gave me, and it's thirst quenching ability, while nursing. Good luck on the desserts, I have no help there...