Sunday, August 21, 2011

la la

What a LONG week!!! I'm glad its over and hoping for a better one.

I've just discovered that I can make what I like to call a "Sunday Music" playlist on Pandora Radio online!  I've tried on but they didn't have much when it came to Sunday music.  I've also tried listening to Sounds of Sunday online but they have way too many commercials.  So I'm totally loving Pandora. So far its the best.  (I also love their toddler station...even if Boo isn't listening.) :)

I love music. I used to listen to it constantly. Whenever I was cleaning, studying, playing or just passing time I would have music playing. But for the last few years, the only time I really listen to music has been when I've been driving in the car.  I'm not exactly sure what caused that to change. But I'm trying to listen to it more to help motivate me to get to work and also to calm me. My poor nerves. (***side subject, As I wrote "my poor nerves" I realized I just might have more sympathy for Mrs. Bennett on Pride and Predjudice. It's amazing what kids can do to your poor nerves...heck maybe she wasn't so bad before she was married and had kids.)
 Did I tell you that I got called to be the Primary music leader?? HAHAHA. I like music but I'm not good at it. Heaven help me! But oddly I like it. I like all the coloring I get to do to make posters for them.  I'm actually quite impressed what I draw. It may not be awesome by other's standards but for me I think they are GREAT! :) I hope the kids like them and are actually learning the songs.

OH! I wanted to show you a picture of Boo. A couple of Sundays ago my sister pulled out all of our old Barbie stuff. It was all mostly broken and falling apart. Boo sat there for A LONG TIME I mean like 30 plus minutes just playing with the dolls and playing with the kitchen table. I need to get her some dolls but I'm not sure I'm ready for Barbies just yet.  They talk about self-image problems but I grew up playing with Barbies and I don't think I'm terribly screwed up. :)

Have a lovely Sabbath Day.

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Greg and Stacey said...

Girls are not ready for Barbies, in my opinion, until they can dress the dolls by themselves. I hate putting on doll dresses.
I was the Primary chorister once, I loved it. I wasn't very good at, but I loved it.