Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Happiness

Today felt like fall. I liked it. I used to LOVE fall. I loved it for all of the same reasons others love it, school supplies, cooler weather, the changing leaves, the upcoming holidays, and for me, my birthday. Overall, there is just a feeling about fall that makes me happy. But I haven't felt the fall giddiness for a few years now. I generally blame it on football because my husband isn't around to bask in the fall loveliness with me but I realize its because I'm in a new phase of my life where I'm not surrounded by students or going to school so I don't feel the sense of new beginnings that come with fall. BUT today it felt like fall! I loved it.

I went raspberry picking with a friend while my mom watched Boo. I don't like raspberries particularly but I can't tell you how much I enjoyed searching out raspberries and filling my bucket. I kinda went off on my own while othersin our group tried to pick and watch their children. It was solitary bliss.  I loved not worrying about her.  I think I need a few hours like that a couple times of a month.

Tonight Boo and I went to the first football game of the year. We only made it through a little over a quarter of a game but it was so much fun to sit with Boo as she soaked in the football atmosphere. Which I must admit, I do like. It is exciting.  ***If any of you in the area want to come to a football game we'd love the company...just can't promise we'll make it through the whole game.

(I totally did not take this...came from the newspaper online)

Welcome back Fall!


Erika Davis said...

First of all, where did you go raspberry picking and secondly, I'd love to come to a football game with you!

Steph and Jeff said...

I think it is okay to stop loving fall the best. When you are at different places in your life your favorite seasons change. I have never liked summer before but now that I have kids old enough to enjoy it I enjoy it more. And tell us when there is a game in Omaha.

And I can't imagine you liking raspberry picking. So not you.