Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How much do you love chocolate?

I realize I eat a lot of chocolate but I didn't realize HOW much chocolate I eat. I figure I probably go through 3-4 bags of chocolate chips a month. Thats 36-48 bags a year!

**That comes out to $120 a year on chocolate chips alone! That doesn't include all the other ingredients I buy to mix in with those scrumptious morsels of chocolate. I might as well be a cigarette addict, goodness. But I guess just like all the cigarette addicted people out there, I probably won't change.

**That's 4,752 grams of fat and 73,920 calories! All I can say is oops BUT the good thing is that I know I don't eat half of that by myself.

Am I alone in my chocolate chip addiction? I don't know if I'll ever change but I know what my husband would say to me, "knowing is half the battle."

On a budget side note, I recently found out that I have been paying $2.72 for Nestle or Hersey at Super Saver, when I could be getting Ghirradelli chocolate chips for $2.78 or Hershey for $2.38 at Walmart. I've been doing a few other price checks and I'm finding that Walmart might be cheaper than other grocery stores, unfortunately.  And even if the other stores are having sales you could Ad match at Walmart. (You can also ad match at Super Saver and depending on what cashier you have maybe Hy-Vee.)  I really don't want to make Walmart my place to shop but why do they have to have the cheaper items??

Now that I've got you thinking about your chocolate consumption and your loyalty to local stores over the ALL powerful Walmart.....HAVE A GOOD ONE!



Milmonster said...

You can get the Ghirradelli chocolate chips at Sam's Club for cheaper I think. Here's to chocolate!

My Everythings said...

We have actually found that Target has AWESOME prices on their groceries. On at least ten items that we normally buy, lunch meat, bbq sauce, cheese, spaghetti sauce, etc. They WAYY undersell supersaver and hyvee. I guess it's not really a close store for you, but I will have to check the chocolate chip prices when I go next time. I usually buy mine at sams club (the bigger the better, right?) but they may actually be cheaper there.