Saturday, July 23, 2011


Just random things we have been doing or I've been thinking-hopefully I'll just stop thinking about the books I've read now that I've written it down.

**I just finished a book. I didn't realize it was going to be a sad book when I started reading it. Everything was going really well (too well apparently). A good woman, married to a good man (they both have their flaws) but a good marriage. It wasn't until like page 100 that you find out that she had beat cancer 4 years before. I should have put it down there. She gets cancer again and dies.  I wept and wept for a fictional family. 

**On the Today Show, I saw they were going to be making a movie of a book I read recently, Sarah's Key. There is no way I will watch that movie. It was sad enough to read it in a book there is NO way that I could watch it played out on the movie screen. It takes place during the Jewish Roundup in France.  A little girl locks her brother in a cupboard to keep him safe. She takes the key with her but she didn't return that night....or anytime soon. So you watch her go through that pain of trying to get back and how it haunts her. SOOOO sad. I don't want to make you not want to watch it or read it but just know its sad.

*We're enjoying watching the Marriage Ref online. It's pretty funny. And I love that it doesn't degrade marriage either.  Couples share their argument and then three comedians decide who's right. Check it out.

*Boo has come to love Blue's Clues. She asks for it a couple of times daily. She has a notebook and crayon that she pulls out when its time to draw Blue's clues in the notebook. It is so funny. And she sits in her little yellow "thinking chair". She'll try to dance to the songs. I LOVE it.

*I got 6 t-shirts for $10 at Younkers the other day! Score! I love good deals combined with associate discounts and coupons! One of the shirts is oranged striped. I told GG that I feel like Steve's counsin (from Blue's clues, he wears an green striped shirt, if you don't know). Haha. But its cute and it was only $1.90.

Just a few more weeks of Summer...well one really. GG starts football stuff up beginning of August. :(   It's been a pretty good summer. Boo and I will have to come up with some fun activities and crafts (for me) to keep us busy this fall.


Nathan said...

I love those random things. I haven't read those books. They do sound so sad.

Marley loves blue's clues too. We will be ANYWHERE and if something looks out of place she will point at it and yell "A clue! A clue!" It's fun.

WOW that is a great deal. Once when we first moved here, JCPenny had a 24 hour sale on guys cargo shorts. They were $36 but on sale for !3.99. I had gotten a $10 off coupon on any purchase of at least $10 so I got Nate a pair of shorts for $3.99. I thought that was amazing! You're 6 t-shirts for $10 is OUTSTANDING! Good shopping!

MISS YOU! {sigh}

Cory & Rebeca said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. :) I haven't even been able to talk myself into reading Sarah's key so props to you for being able to do that much, I am yet to watch the movie Marley too because I know what happens to the dog...soo sad! Oh your friend Becky posted on my blog and i wanted to reply to her but couldn't find a "personal" blog for her. She mentioned wanting to throw a pirate party too so I thought she might find this site useful:, i found the template and instructions for the pirate flag and also got the plates/cups from there too. Thanks! Enjoy your last week with VG before football camp and give Boo a big hug from us! Miss you guys!