Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I didn't know it until recently, in fact I would have said gross, but I like Vitamin D Milk! I never knew. I never thought I would like it. I'm a skim milk kind of a girl  but on our trip we were packing around whole milk for Boo so that is what I ended up having on my cereal. I couldn't believe how much it improved my cereal.  I hope it ends there. I have enough unhealthy habits that I don't need to be adding a glass of whole milk to my oreos.

I must also confess, I have been forgoing my fruit and yogurt as part of our meal and just been adding whipped cream to my fruit. SO Good! Who knew it was so good to be unhealthy! 

Speaking of unhealthy...I've got another recipe for you. Chocolate waffle cone...bowls. 

They didn't really turn out like waffle bowls, they were more like brownie bowls.  I got the recipe from the Idea Room. The recipe was for a waffle cone maker but she just used a frying pan like you were making pancakes. I had a hard time making it thin enough. Next time I'm going to try the waffle maker and see what happens. On a scale of 1-10 for goodness I give it a 6. On a scale of 1-10 for fun-ness (or novelty, I guess) I give it a 7. Its a nice swtich up for a bowl of icecream.

I also made chocolate syrup that my mom has made since I was little. I don't know if others like it but I love it! She would make it for Banana Splits on conference weekend and store the rest in a bowl in the fridge.** Naughtiness ALERT, shh don't tell.** I would sneak into the kitchen and quietly open the fridge and dip my finger into the chocolately goodness. (yes, my finger... We couldn't use spoons that would only produce evidence to our naughtiness...and I'm mean "our" becasue I know I'm not the only naughty child in my family, I had to learn it from somewhere!) I do like this chocolate sauce but the only thing that makes it less than absolutely perfect is that it becomes grainy from the sugar when chilled. Obviously that didn't stop me from sneaking a taste.

Chocolate Syrup
2-4 T butter
2 sq of Unsweetened chocolate
6 1/2 oz evaporated milk
1 1/2 C sugar

In microwaveable bowl melt butter and chocolate. No higher than 70% power. Stir every 30sec to minute.
Add evaporated milk and sugar. Cook until thickened and sugar is dissolved.

And you're DONE! YUM!

Hope you love fat too because I can't seem to live without it! :)


Nathan said...

Mmmmmm....it all sounds delicious!

Greg and Stacey said...

I love whole milk, LOVE LOVE LOVE whole milk. It is very dangerous to have a toddler (or 4 very skinny children that will be on whole milk their whole life) and have it in my house. I don't like cereal with anything less than 2% but whole is the real deal. Also, I only ate the caramel sauce out of the fridge, but I used a spoon. Either there was going to be a spoon mark or a finger mark and I think I decided that spoons can be washed therefore getting rid of the evidence.