Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Green Cake

My sisters are in town visiting. So today we had lunch. I left Boo with the Gentle Giant while she napped but my sisters left their 6 kids with Grandpa....poor grandpa....or poor kids. Not sure who to feel more sorry for. :)

We ate at the Green Gateau (french for Green Cake.) I had a French Dip sandwich, I think they called it the French Connection or something like that but GOOOD! Big and messy the way a sandwich supposed to be.

I bought Boo a some sunglasses. I felt like I was paparazzi trying to get a picture of a celebrity here:
This pair might be alittle big but hey, they were only 79 cents.

well that's all I've got folks. see ya!

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Matt and Maggie said...

LOL, you went to the Green Gateau? I used to work there, you know. so did Kate and Joe. Anyway, your sisters and you look amazing!