Thursday, June 9, 2011

Its been awhile, or at least I feel like its been awhile since I've posted. Not a lot has happened though. Just bumming through while Gentle Giant finds plenty to keep himself busy...seriously, busy. He's been busy with a tenure class for teaching, started up summer grad classes (getting closer to being done), football camps have begun, and church callings keep him quite preoccupied. And me, well, I take three hour naps while Boo is sleeping. :) I know I should find something to do but I just can't convince myself its worth it, so I dream away.

Boo has been keeping herself busy by pushing around her grocery cart full of toys. Its so funny. I wish I had a picture to share. I just call her cart lady. Seriously looks like a homeless lady.

She also has discovered that she can climb into the tub and thinks that is great fun.
We went to the Zoo (no pics) but while we were waiting for our friends to show up we walked around the rose gardens. I couldn't get her to look at me for a picture. Too busy running.

 This is her signing "water" with her one finger to her lips even though its supposed to be three fingers to form a "w". She's got her own language. :)

I love this outfit but she was not going to let me get a good picture. Feisty one, she is.
 Gentle Giant's brother who came to visit us a couple of times this month. It was fun to have visitors!!!

Our Anniversary Breakfast 
Well, I guess that it. Tomorrow GG leaves for football camp and I'm doing a garage sale at my parents. If I don't make at least $10 I think I might be very upset for how long it took us to set up today.  Anyway, until next time folks!


Nathan said...

good luck with the garage sale. That's exactly how I feel about garage sales...if I don't make $10 I'll be mad I went to the effort.

I heard the Gentle Giant is in the Bishopric...that'll definitely keep him busy...sounds like he has a LOT going on.

I love naps!!!

Jessica &Bryce said...

Her dress is adoreable! And it looks like you chopped your hair, when did you do that? Did you get my email? Cant wait to see you!