Saturday, May 21, 2011

passing time

So I haven't been very productive this last week. I discovered tv episodes on Netflix. For whatever reason, I feel like I have to watch an entire season (or as much as I can) into a single day. Its like not being able to put down a book you're reading.  The two shows I got into was Samantha Who? and Drop Dead Diva. Loved 'em!!
I finished the two seasons to Drop Dead Diva and am anxiously awaiting for the third season to start June 19.  I can't get it out of my mind and the sad thing is I know that they are going to drag it out over at least 13 more episodes if not more and I will still be anxiously awaiting the for Grayson and Jane to get together. AHHHH! Stupid TV shows. 

Here are some pictures I got of Miss Boo this week. She's getting harder to take a picture of lately. As soon as she sees the camera she drops what she is doing and runs for the camera while saying "Cheese" or she just starts shaking her head saying "no." Neither one is helpful.
I love this one, she's pondering her escape onto the patio.

 I think this $1 hat from Target is hilarious! She plays with it all the time. Unfortunately, she kinda reminds me of a old spinster in it. (or something like that.)

 Well, thats all for now folks. Later.

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Becky said...

What a cutie! She does look like a spinster or something with that cute little hat on.

I too have fallen victim to episodes so readily available on it and hate...such a waste of time...but, I'm addicted...I should stop...but, ahhh.

I miss you! Oh how I wish we lived close to each other.