Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy days

How did your Mother's Day go? For me, this was my best Mother's day ever...granted I only have had 2 official ones as a mom and the last one was terrible-I just remember being an emotional mess and extremely tired because Boo was not sleeping well. 

The Lemon Berry Trifle I made for Mother's Day seemed to be a hit with my family. It took several hours to make since it was all from scratch. It didn't look as pretty as theirs but taste is the most important thing.  Sometimes, the messier the tastier.

Today, Boo got to swim (or rather play in the water) with her friend. They seemed to enjoy splashing around with each other. We're glad they came to play with us. It was definitely more fun with friends.

 Can't you just picture Boo as a teenager?? I'm scared.

 As fun as our summer day was, I hope it goes back to spring and we don't get to swim for at least another month. :)


Cory & Rebeca said...

YUM! Your trifle looks amazing and delicious! And Boo- soo beautiful! Miss you guys.

Becky said...

She is SO adorable!

Kyra and Ben said...

What a cutie. And the trifle looks yummy. My mother makes a delicious one during the summer for family functions that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. But I know it is not from scratch.
Oh, and I'd been wondering where you were in blog world until you posted on your old one and I was reminded you had created a new one!

Jessica &Bryce said...

I cant believe how big she is getting. When are you planning another trip to Utah? I miss you!