Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lilacs. Lemons. Berries.

Doesn't that title shout SPRING?!! (Just don't put the smell of lilacs in combination with your mental taste buds of lemon and berries together. ew gross.)

Today,  my wonderful neighbor lady brought me some lilac branches. Wasn't that wonderful of her? I love lilacs. They remind me of my mother. That and lilies of the valley. When I was a pre-teenish, I used to make my mom Mother's Day corsages out of lilacs and sometimes lillies of the valley.  When I grow up I will have lillies of the valley and a lilac bush growing in my yard. And with that we will have whatever those white flowering trees are too..and since I'm dreaming well also include the pink ones. I  LOVE SPRING!

In preparation for this lovely holiday to celebrate moms, I've done a little searching for a yummy dessert and this is what I came up with (which shouldn't have been so hard since it was right on my blog list from Barefoot and Baking but I had to make sure it was the "one")
Doesn't it look delicous?

It looks simple but unfortunately there are lots of steps to this one so hopefully I don't screw it up! :)

...I'll let you know how it goes.


Victory said...

Don't delete this post. I would write some of this down, but we both know I would lose it.

Becky said...

Yummy! What a wonderful springy thought, lilacs, lemon and berries....the only thing missing is butterflies! I want that dessert!!!! NOW!

Greg and Stacey said...

That reminds of my very first official Mothers' Day. I had just had Jacob. I was worn out and tired and hadn't gotten outside to enjoy the spring time, not to mention we were rock bottom poor. Greg knew how much I love spring and how sad I was that I was missing it. My Mothers' Day present from Greg was a bunch of lilies of the valley that he had picked from our yard and put them on his pillow so the first thing that I smelled when I woke up was the fragrance of lilies of the valley. It made me cry. I have the lilac tree, and the pink flowering trees, but I do need some lilies of the valley. Happy Mothers' Day to you!

Greg and Stacey said...

Oh and why am I not on your Friend Blog list? Am I not your friend?