Thursday, July 20, 2017

losing sleep and mommy daughter dates

The last several nights, for whatever reason I have woken up in the middle of the night and have had a hard time getting back to sleep. Tonight, I woke up because I mistakenly left the thermostat higher because it had been constantly running trying to keep it at a lower temp and freezing out my family.  Once awake my mind starts thinking. And tonight I was thinking about what happens if my phone won't charge again (it got some water on it during water day with the cousins today, I'm hoping it will dry out to actually recognize it is plugged in). So I woke up and tried to see if it would and it will not yet. So then I spent the last half hour emailing myself pictures.  And trying to figure out my passwords to my accounts. I realize that because of my phone which keeps me logged in I have not memory of what my passwords are. kinda annoying.

One of the things I've wanted to do before baby comes was take the girls on a date. It was fun to see the anticipation and excitement in each of them. I came up with the date ideas since it had to be free or cheap (due to crazy car bills this month and the anticipation of upcoming hospital bills...I feel like I'm swimming which since I don't swim feels like drowning a bit).  I first took her to get a donut and register the van while she ate it (not exciting but killing two birds with one stone right?)

I had noticed Boo has been interested in convertibles this entire summer, always pointing them out as they drove by.  I had thought I would do a test drive of one but I didn't wan the liability, so we just asked the guy at a nice used car shop to let her sit in one. The first one she picks out was this lovely from 1990...just because it said "Indy" on it (she is way into the Lego Indiana Jones game right now).
 He didn't want to take the top down off that since it was too hard but he did on this much nicer one since it only required a button. It was fun to hear her tell GG that she couldn't keep from smiling while she was there looking at them.
Since sitting in a car didn't take very long I asked if she wanted to look around for back to school stuff, she decided she wanted to walk around the mall. She found Claire's and thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the toys and girly stuff there. 

I came home and took Little Miss out. We had to passes for a train ride at the zoo from a game we played at the zoo back in March before our membership expired. She was pretty excited about it. Apparently she does not remember riding on it last year but I'm pretty sure she got to do it at least once. 
 (This peacock wander up to us as we waited for the train ride. It was kinda fun...when my camera clicked the peacock kinda seemed surprised like we would, "did you just take a picture of me?" )

 (jumped up on the zoo sign for a picture...why not ?  I guess)

We then went to the library to pick up the video game we failed to get the disk from the front desk when we checked out the previous day and then got ice cream....the longest icecream eating known to man. goodness. 

I have some pretty awesome kids. Each with their strengths and weaknesses. Love them!

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