Saturday, September 12, 2015

Staying alive

Somebody help please! How do you keep a third child alive? And while we are at it, how do I keep the second child alive as well? Seriously. The second child is the root of these problems of staying  alive. She doesn't seem to have any concept of danger or understanding what it means to be hurt.

So let's  start with little miss's problems with staying alive. We have counted 4 times she could have died. Twice choking, once in a pool and once running across the street. Right now it is the latter that has us completely concerned. She knows the rules. She just gets a mischievous look and starts running across the street, other times she stops. And when you stop her from running she just smiles and giggles.  Oye!!!!!
Now, i'm terrified for the life of our baby ( possibly blog name sweet). she probably thinks she's being helpful but instead putting Sweet in danger, you know giving her blankets but putting them on her head, etc. One time running and jumping on the couch only to land in the same area where Sweet is resting. Thankfully, I have only been a minute behind her. How do I stay ahead of little miss? I feel like I need to hold Sweet all of the time while little miss is awake to keep her our of danger. It seriously takes just one minute of my attention to be diverted elsewhere.

 What is a mom supposed to do? How do you teach a two year old how to be safe and the right amount of fear of danger?

I haven't even gotten started about me staying alive or sane yet with three children...but then I have had people and meals that have been easing me into life with 3 kids. Total blessings.

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