Thursday, June 25, 2015

A little bit of summer

Can I just I am loving this summer? I love Boo is old enough to enoy and appreciate special activities and I love LOVE having a husband around to share it with. He is mostly here, still has some school stuff and picking up the slack on church stuff but he can be around to help out and play with us.  BOo said the other day, "I wish dad could stay home and still get paid".  If only.
Here are some random photos:

she found my red lipstick. At least she kept it to the face:
 Smelly dairy farm, seriously  it was awful. Driving up little miss said "ew gross" before we even got out of the car. And every time I looked at GG it looked like he was trying hard not to throw up. I am thankful I was not in the 1st part of my pregnancy.
 Cousin time:
 Neighbor time:
I seriously love this summer. It has been good for my soul. I still have a hankering for summer in utah but I am 75 % sure that that is not realistic. I think really it is a hankering for reliving the memories of my childhood summers.

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