Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's all relative....numbers

So I really don't think numbers mean much sometimes....scientifically they probably hold all the weight in the world but for me the numbers that define me are all relative.

The other day I was hanging with some friends. One has four kids, the other with her young baby.  Both of these ladies married when they were about 18-19ish. I thought the one with four kids was about my age but she is only 26.  And then they asked how old I was and I realized....for the first time really that I was turning 30 this year. 30! I know I don't look old, feel old (generally), or act old. In fact I feel like 23.  So to me age is all relative. Because there is no way I'm really 30 and I fit in with my supposed "younger" friends and don't feel any different.  And another reason age is all relative is because these ladies were able to get married at 19. I don't say "able to get married" as the accomplishment of actually finding someone that fast but in the sense that they were mature enough. Anyone who knows me knows that there was NO WAY in the world I was mature enough, or had a strong sense of self at that age. Heck, I don't think I had my first kiss until I was 19 or was it 20. hmmm. Anyway, age, totally relative.

Secondly, another way I feel numbers are relative are in the weeks of pregnancy. I'm 35 weeks right now. To some women they are done or about done being pregnant. For me I feel that I have another long 6 weeks ahead of me.  I feel huge, I look huge and am generally uncomfortable walking or standing for long periods or sometimes short periods of time. I still working one day a week for 3 hours. It's amazing how long customers have been commenting on my tummy and implying that I look huge and that I should be done soon. Today, they all seemed to be surprised I still had a month left. But I think pregnancy is helping out my commission- they seem to be buying more and some are more gracious in not having me bring out a billion shoes...but it is also the beginning of the season and the best customers usually come out then anyway versus the bargain and picky shoppers that come later (wanting to get a deal and but surprised their size is gone). I digress.

Anyway, after this long post here's a picture. 35 weeks...but I think these pictures make me look smaller than I really am and the one looks like I just have a basketball in there. These are the first pictures we've taken of this pregnancy so far.

Well,  I can only hope she'll come in a couple more weeks but I'm trying to prepare mentally for 6 more.
Until next time.


jen said...

Hey Alissa,

You look so cute. I feel like I'm getting old... 30 years old, but I guess it's not that bad :) I still feel like I'm 25
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.
Jen :)

Stephanie said...

You look awesome!

shandy said...

You're kind of adorable when you're pregnant. So excited for you!

Maria said...

Miss Alissa, I love you. Dearly. And I agree on your age explanation, right there with ya on the wouldn't have had the sense of self to get married at those younger ages. You are amazing and I love your face!!

Becky said...

Yes. I agree. Adorable.

Matt and Maggie said...

I'm excited to turn thirty this year. Age is relative for sure.

Mike and Christina Jenson said...

I think we are literally in the same boat with both the age and our bellies! :) I've gotten a ton of comments lately like yours, and I have 2 months left. Oh well, good times ahead! Yeah for 30! ;-)