Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Weekend

We had an enjoyable Easter weekend. Boo somehow got in her mind that baby sister will come when Easter came. She's said this several times in the months prior to Easter. She mentioned that baby sister should come because it was Easter but thankfully sister did not come. As much as I'm ready to be done being pregnant its still too early.  Boo seemed to be completely fine that sister didn't come and got wrapped up in Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and candy, candy, candy.

Here are some pictures of my Easter girl in curls....I have never gotten her hair to stay in curls but I also have used hairspray. It worked wonders and I loved it! I have finally decided that Boo just might be a girly girl. She always seems so tough and energetic that I never really felt like she was really girly but she is totally into dolls, princesses, necklaces and bows lately. I don't know that I'll ever buy her a puffy dress but I think I can do more girly things for her.

And lastly here's an awesome picture Boo drew of Elmo. She did this completely on her own. I was surprised when she showed me the picture and she told me it was Elmo- it took me awhile to understand- I thought she as saying "animal" but I finally figured it out. 

Well Friends, have a good one I'm off to nap during the last session of conference....uhhh I mean watch conference.  I blame it on pregnancy but I always have a difficult time staying awake during conference. Thank goodness we can watch, listen or read later! :)

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Becky said...

I just got caught up on your blog. I was out of it for a couple of months.

Congratulations on girl #2!!! What a fun way to party on New Years! A gender reveal! Looked and sounded so fun!

Public bathrooms and children. Teach them the tricks, potty covers, balance game on the toilet (try not to touch it with your hands, put her on), and WASH WASH WASH with soap and water....then don't touch anything. Make it a game?

I'm not too worried...not as much as I should be probably but, there is going to be a day when she wont be wearing a diaper out and about, and who wants to buy diapers for two!?!?!

The stroller with standing area for BOO!!! In my opinion, that's an excellent purchase. I think those are pricey so I'd say $85 isn't bad...but, I don't know for sure. (Probably TOO late for my opinion anyway.)

Boo did have the cutest rolls on her body as a baby! She is growing so much. Love the pictures with the boots and the shorts on her head! Funny girl!

Love her Easter curls. She looks SO mature/old in that dress and short/half sweater. So cute!

Keep up the blogging. I love keeping up on your business. Wish we were closer. Lincoln is such a great town and such great people. We miss you!