Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Long post of What's Up :)


I'm just sitting here like I normally do while GG is away at meetings. I just thought I'd send a little note out to the blogosphere.  We don't have much to report in our little world. Boo and I just hang out most of the time. I'm thankful that most of the sicknesses are beginning to wear off out there. We've been trying to keep to ourselves most of the time so we wouldn't get sick. Thankfully, we've been doing awesome healthwise this year. I just remember last year being awful. I felt like we were always at the doctor every few weeks. That was also the time Boo got tubes in her ears. So we are feeling really blessed this year.

Pregnancy is going great...as far as I can tell. I just keep praying everything is going alright and that she is developing beautifully. I still have my fears, even though I'm this far in the pregnancy, that something is going to happen.  She was kicking and moving like crazy around the week surrounding Valentines. She has slowed down quite a bit but still moving. My mom says it was probably the sugar in take (because I  was eating a TON of chocolate). She would seriously move to the point it would make me feel sick and uncomfortable. It was weird. But hopefully, everything is still good. My niece told me of a story of her friend who's baby moved a lot to the point she wrapped the cord so tightly around her that she died in the womb. So sad. Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit paranoid.  I'm anxious for her to come so I can stop worrying about her but then I know I'll only begin worrying about her in a different way.

Boo is potty training. We aren't going all hard core, we're just kinda letting her do it at this point. She wears diapers to bed and when she wakes up she'll sometimes want the diaper off right away and changes usually into underwear. But when we go out shopping I put a diaper on her and sometimes she'll wear the diaper most of the day but still taking it off to go potty and putting it back on. I'm kinda letting her do this on her own and figure it out. We'll remind her to got potty frequently, especially if she is wearing underwear. But she is improving on knowing on her own when she needs to go potty, stopping what she is doing and sitting on the toilet.   I know there is probably a million things wrong with this but I've dreaded potty training and hate, HATE the idea of her using public toilets. I really do. Besides the inconvenience  (selfish, I know) the bathrooms are often disgusting.

Like the other day we were in Hobby Lobby, she was wearing a diaper but she said she needed to go potty. We walked over towards the one toilet bathroom and someone was in it...and it smelled out in the hallway. I couldn't make myself wait around for her to try and use the potty....especially since she had forgotten all about the potty and probably had already gone in her diaper by the time we made it to the bathroom. What do you guys do about nasty public restrooms for your kids? They put their hands on everything and it's just dirty.

SWITCHING TOPICS. It's been a LONG time since I've posted anything crafty but this is my project that I'm collecting supplies for this week.

 It's going to go in our bedroom. I've been thinking about making this mirror for at least 6 months. So I'm finally doing it...hopefully it turns out lovely.

I keep thinking I should be doing something for baby girl coming but I'm not sure what it is....am I missing something? Should I be doing something? I thought about redoing...or rather doing the girls bedroom but 2 problems 1) I'm lacking inspiration and 2) I don't sew ...and adding another 3) it costs too much to probably be worth it.  So we'll make do until they are actually in the same room and the bedding clashes or something like that I guess..... but maybe I should be doing that now because I won't have the time or energy??? how much lazy time am I going to lose with this new baby. I've seemed to have forgotten what it's like to have a baby! Oh heaven help me. :)

Well, this is definitely long enough. I make no promises of when I'll be back on here again but I'll try. :)


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Stacey said...

First of all, the baby probably doesn't have as much room to move around. Secondly, if you're still worried about it have Victory give you a blessing. I called my OBGYN when I was pregnant with Annabelle because I wasn't feeling like everything was okay and he said, "Well, you have a worthy priesthood holder in your home, use him. And if you don't feel better after that, call me back." Thirdly, if people start telling you horror stories of all the things that could go wrong tell them to keep their comments to themselves. Fourthly, I think you're doing just fine on the potty training thing. Every kid is different. Fifthly, buy hand sanitizer and realize that you can't protect her from everything. Sixthly, your mirror will look lovely. Seventhly, nesting will kick in soon and you'll find plenty of things to keep you busy. Washing clothes, organizing closets, setting up a crib, etc. Just take some nice deep breaths, grab a book (a happy good thoughts book) and be lazy because after baby comes...And lastly, you'll remember what it's like to have a baby. It all comes flooding back. Although I didn't remember Jacob sleeping as much as Lorelei did. I was amazed at how long they sleep and yet how tired I still was. Everything will be fine! LOVE YOU!