Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

So far this has been the best Christmas in a long time.... I know Christmas hasn't even come yet but everything is better with a little kid who is just discovering the magic of Christmas. And when they discover it they help us find the magic too that has some how disappeared over our teenage and young adult years.

I already posted about playing in the snow....I haven't really done that for several years...I remember playing games in the snow in college but before that who knows when! Not that I was rolling around in the snow much but it was so much fun to see how much Boo loved it. She's asked to go play in the snow everyday. When she gets out there running around in it, I love how she says how much she loves it as she prances around. 

Yesterday, we made a snowman, named Fozzi. I haven't done that for probably 20 years, not joking. It turned out dang cute, in my opinion.

Granted, it had the help of the snowman kit I made for my siblings and obviously one for myself. This is why before we went to bed, we went and took his face and buttons off. I didn't want any stupid people stealing it...not that it's worth anything but I really love it and don't want to have to make anymore. And lets face it, people are stupid and take meaningless stuff.  

I'm also in love with getting Christmas Cards in the mail and hanging them up. It just feels me with joy getting a card from loved ones. 

Boo doesn't get to go out too much when it is dark outside...especially out on residential streets. A couple of weeks ago we were driving to a friends house through residential areas and she saw Christmas lights. SHE LOVED IT! She was so excited to see a simple porch have a few strings of lights on them. I am so excited to take her tonight to see houses that have gone all out.

I'm loving this Christmas season. I hope the day lives up to the season...

I might post one more time before Christmas....maybe if not come back afterwards I promise to post then. I've got a few more thoughts to share.
Merry Christmas if you don't hear from before then!

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Kimber said...

A snowman kit has to be the cutest idea ever!!!