Saturday, December 22, 2012

Let it Snow

So this was Boo's first time really playing in the snow since last year she did not like the snow much at all. I'm really glad that I bought her the snow pants and gloves. Thankfully she can barely squeeze into the snow boots I bought her last year and didn't use much. 

Lots and lots of fun! She keeps asking to go outside and play. Unfortunately standing out in the cold isn't the most exciting thing for me. I wish the snow was wet enough to make a snowman or a snow ball or something. But she isn't board of trudging around in the snow and picking up frozen chunks.

Maybe I'll get some pictures of the projects I worked on this Christmas season....maybe by the end of the day or Monday or something. :)  I will be posting a few more things on here in the next week or so. :) promise.

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