Thursday, October 13, 2011

quiet book pages

Here are some more quiet book pages I made...mostly for my record. :) But this is a easy way to make a quiet book if you aren't a sewer and aren't worried about them lasting through several children.
 I love this car puzzle. Boo doesn't quite get how to get them pieced together yet but puts them in the vacinity of the right color.  someday she'll love it, I just know it.

I made this page for a friend. I have a page like this except a girl for boo and I'm not quite sure what to do to make it "silly". For her, She has different kinds of lips but I didn't think that worked very well with a boy. I tried putting ears or noses on and it looked, well I guess "silly" but too weird. Any ideas?

Thats all for now.

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Susan said...

I love your quiet book! So cute and Boo will get it soon enough.