Friday, October 7, 2011

My Girl

Hello My friends in the blog world,
It's football friday so Boo and I headed out to the game. It was against a good team and it wasn't looking pretty. So when it started sprinkling more than half way through the FIRST quarter Boo and decided  it would be a good time to leave. Fair weather fans. :)  

 Here are some fun pictures of the crazy girl

I don't get this girl, why does she love playing on the toilet? Everyday she brings usually her grocery cart full of toys and unloads them on the toilet. They funny thing is on her way in as she tries to squeeze past me she says something that sounds supiciously like, "excuse me mom". I am assuming GG taught her excuse me. So funny.

This is the only time she has sat at the toilet like a table. Funny girl. If only I could get her to sit on the toilet.

Look at her!! I had to step away for a minute so I asked Boo to hold the bottle and she did! She is turning into such a little mommy with the way she treats her baby cousins and her dolls....even her doll with only one leg.
Don't you love this little profile? I just can't get enough of it!

Sorry for all the pictures. I've been playing with photoshop elements that GG gave me for my bday. I really don't know what I'm doing. Maybe I should look at some tutorials but for now, I think I cleaned up some of the pictures well enough.



Steph and Jeff said...

I hope you clean your toilet often. Cute pictures. And sorry about the one legged doll, I still say my girls didn't do it.

Becky said...

Boo is such a cutie. Love her hair, it's so pretty. Do not apologize for lots of pictures. I love looking at pictures.

I have PS elements too. I have been putting off learning it for 2 years. People say it's so easy...not for me. Every time I try anything I get so frustrated. But, I did find a good site with good tutorials. I'll have to find it again and maybe we could learn together. Let me know if you find any good tutorials. I really want to learn how to use plug ins. You can get free plug ins that will automatically run a series of actions and sort of auto edit pictures. I'm not sure if they are called plug ins or buttons or something? I'm no help.

Dalan said...

Nice pictures! Boo looks like she's having fun!

Photoshop-we don't have it, but it sounds intresting, must be fun to expirement with it. Me, I expirement with videos I record...