Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm going crazy!!..crafting crazy

No, really I am. I've been visiting Pinterstt and my mind seems alive with ideas...not my ideas of course...somebody elses. (See told you I'm crazy). So not only am I collecting ideas from blogs but from Pinterest which is blogging on steroids...???(not sure about that analogy).

Here is a headband I made that I got the idea from Pinterest. It originally came from Alisa Burke's blog.

 I love it because braids are all the rage in least from what I can tell on Pinterest...(I'm crazy I told you). But I have a difficult time braiding my hair cute like everyone else does. So ahh, perfect solution...I just have to make sure my hair is teased big(and stays that way) so this headband doesn't look huge against my flat hair. :)

Last night I made Orange Chicken, that I got from Sister's Stuff. I love this recipe but it didn't have all the veggies that I want in a good sweet n' sour/chinese recipe. I've been on the look out for a good one for a couple months now. And then last night, I said to myself, "why not?" I threw in half a green and red pepper and half a can of pineapple and it was delicious. The best I've come across so far. I seriously don't feel like I need to eat out at a chinese resturant. I love this recipe.

Serve it over rice. And we like to eat broccoli with it. So yummy.

Here are some other someday crafts that I wanted to show some my friends:

I don't sew but I want to think that I might figure it our for this bag. It would be perfect for church!

Here are some links to some quiet book pages, if anyone is interested. Sorry this is really for my future reference-this post was a file of things I was interested in.

That's all for now, there is more but we'll leave that for another day. :) Toodles.


Team Harris said...

That bag is WAY cute! But I think I would completely loose my patience with those lentil.s

Milmonster said...

I am trying that recipe soon! And maybe we should make that quiet book.

AW Family said...

This stuff is sooo cute!!! I am going to make some of them headbands!! They will probably look funny on my head since my hair is SUPER short but if they look silly then I will give them to a friend :)..

And those pictures frames!!!! Way cool.. Thanks for sharing

Dalan said...

Awesome crafts! I think 'The Gentle Giant' should make his own blog too! Wonder if you can visit us in OK-Haven't seen you guys for a few months! Peace Out!