Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mommy blues

These are the days I was worried about when I quit my job. The days where I don't feel like I have purpose. I just look forward till my Gentle Giant comes home, any tv shows I like to watch and then bed time. Ugh, I just wish March, and winter for that matter, were over! Anyone else feeling this way? I'm just hoping its the weather.

I try to conjure up the motivation to do one cleaning project a day. I have no desire to exercise. I used to make sure I got out once a day but I just end up spending money and I have no desire to go out in the cold or snow.  I keep thinking I should work on our wedding scrapbook ( its been almost three years and its not done yet) but it seems like too much work especially with two little hands that would love to help. oye.

Spring, oh dear spring, will you come and stay for awhile?? ...without tornadoes?


shandy said...

I just baked red velvet cupcakes for the first time. FROM SCRATCH. I would recommend that as a distraction but I believe Miss Boo would not be as pretty as I am with red food coloring finger prints. I wish you well. Fly a kite?

shandy said...

PS I just noticed I'm the first to comment on the new blog. We should celebrate the next time I'm in town.

Greg and Stacey said...

You need a girl's night out, call a friend and go get a hot chocolate. Also I am telling you that digital scrapbooking is the only way to go when you have a helper. Also when I start feel the mommy blues, I try to find someone that I can serve. It helps me refocus. Love ya, and don't worry, Spring will come.

Erika Davis said...

All this talk about cold Nebraska and tornadoes in March is making me nervous! In a couple of months, we can be friends!!! I should give you a call soon...I have a couple of questions about life in Lincoln.