Wednesday, August 9, 2017

After Pregnancy

It's been one week since I've been pregnant and it feels so freeing despite the slow return of my body. I feel like the tummy pouch went down faster but I am older and even last time my doctor said I would need a tummy tuck. I hope *hope* I can avoid having a pouch or surgery.

My ankles have almost returned...still a little swollen but not swollen. I get weird little puffs on the inside of my ankles when I'm pregnant (reflexology says that's your uterus, so it makes sense). My fingers and toes are fatter..sadly I don't think they are swollen either. That just might be fat. I can't get my wedding ring on.

I'm finally starting to get nursing neck and shoulders. Ughh. I know I'll get stronger or if I just have better posture while nursing I'll be fine. But I exercised, I use that term incredibly loosely, I moved my body and arms around just loose them up...more of an active stretch??? I don't know if I can hold out until 6 weeks to exercise. I'm proud to say that I exercised the day Baby L was born...once again it was an easy quick one given time and motivation that day.

Today is GG's first full day back at work. It was wonderful having him home. He was the ideal husband and father that week. He cleaned, he bathed, he entertained, he shopped, he was patient and the list could go on. It was simply the best. I could spend my time taking care of Baby L and taking care of my body's needs. The first day home was perfect in that I could nap when he napped and just hold and adore him. I know paternity leave doesn't technically exist for his work, but he took the time off anyway. I felt a little selfish but was lovely.

Little Miss #3, has come up with some new techniques this morning. The other girls were off playing, L was crying and I was trying to figure out how to soothe him . I had put a show in for her but she decided she wanted attention from me so she came over and started "hitting" (super soft) me and laughing. Oh golly. Then at lunch time, he was still crying, Little Miss #3 was angrily crying, I was trying to make lunch one handed and meet the requests of everyone. It was a chaotic few minutes and only the beginning.

Well, here's to a smooth adjustment phase!! OH Heaven help us! :)

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Jessie and Austin said...

So glad you had that special time with Lorenzo that first day! You guys are awesome. You always look pretty and fit to me, so don't worry too much! : ) I know we're all our own worst critics though.