Saturday, February 6, 2016


I have had lots of thoughts in my head of what I want to happen this year.
1. After a lot of pondering and teaching a lesson in Relief Society, I have decided that while I can't control my two year old, despite my best efforts, I don't have to walk out of the battle with her not liking myself as a parent. I want more peace in my home and heart. It doesn't mean all the battles will disappear  but I can still walk out of the battle with peace knowing I am working with her the best I can and as closely as the Savior would.  I will pick my battles and help my children recognize how the can have more peaceful resolutions to their battles. I want my home to be a place where my children want to be and where others are comfortable being.
2. Ponderizing. The term for poneeding the scriptures. I haven't done well with it but I want it happening in my home. I want myself and children to have scriptures in their heart and minds. As Elder Scott, called the scriptures he memorized, "dear friends" . Should I be in struggle,  I not only want my kids to have happy memories to fill and warm their hearts. I want the scriptures to come to their mind and guide them.
3. By December I want to fit back into a skirt I bought and wore before sweet missy took residence in my body. I hope that is generous enough of time, it's a little over a year of exercising but I feel like my tummy isn't budging.
So yep, my list of things I want to work on.

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