Sunday, August 12, 2012

Emergency Preparedness

Since I've had a nagging feeling for sometime now to get emergency prepared here is my plan.

*  Water - I want another pack of bottled water and if I can find a place to hide it a bigger container of water. I want to also buy some filtration bottles.

*Food-  I'll beging to buy Food Storage items from the church (#10 can stuff) to build a substantial 3 month supply...I decided since we don't have a lot of extra cash that this was going to be my birthday will be a gift not to feel this nagging, worrying feeling!

                      - I will also be assembling 72 hour food kits

* Light- I want to make these candles. Make sure I have all necessary flashlights and batteries and matches for the candles.

* Clothing- Put clothing and toiletry supplies in designated bag(s). And additonal blankets or items to keep warm.

* Tools-an extra can opener, pocket knife, figure out a way to cook from our home with out electricity....decide if we need a camp stove or something else like it.

*Emergency Plan and Documents- I like this websites ideas and thoroughness. I liked the idea about making a plan for different amount of notification time for evacuation. She divided out responsibilities for each person based off the alloted time. (if you look at her 26 week plan you may get overwhelmed. I have to start with these few ideas and then get more elaborate- i need to get started.)

*Survival Guides- I don't have a very good memory. So all the things I have read say about purifing water is already gone- so it would be nice to have all that information in one place when I need it. So I want to either find a good guide or make one.

As I do each of these things I'll post about what I'm planning or have done. Maybe it will help someone else but if nothing else-it gives me some accountability and a place to write out what I've done.

until next time friends


Stacey said...

You can go to and they have a book that you can print off (it's really long, so you might want to get it done at Office Depot) that has what to do if...fill in the catastrophe. It has other tips like finding hidden water sources in your home, etc. I put it with our 72 hour kits. That way I don't necessarily have to remember all that stuff. Good's an overwhelming project. By the way you can get super cheap backpacks at Office Depot about two weeks after school starts.

Caitlin said...

I have had that nagging feeling for awhile now, too! I'll look forward to your posts about how you do it all. :)

Becky said...

Great plan! We are seriously lacking water storage. I just don't know how or where to store water!

My parents give us something for emergency preparedness every Christmas. We've gotten: two water purifiers (ceramic, expensive ones), hand crank radio, small shovel that folds, dutch oven, a propane camp stove (which we use for camping too!). That's all we've gotten so far, having been married 5 years. But, it's SO helpful to get them as gifts! Tell your parents!

Also, you could get together with another family (related to you or not) to put the 72 hour kits together. That can off-set the cost. We made ours with Nathan's parents and his two sisters who are single. It was a fun FHE. We seriously need to update our food though. I wish you could just buy food and it would last forever...but NO, it HAS to expire! Shoot.

Can't wait for your preparedness posts! I'll be working on this too! Thanks for the inspiration and reminder!