Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Lovin'

It's been a super long time and it has been a wonderful time. GG is practically done with grad school-still has to do a portfolio before graduating in August- but no classes! It has been wonderful to have him around so much. (However, I am afraid it will only make football season that much harder for me.)

We are in summer mode around here and I love it.
MEMORIAL DAY- Swimming and a Baseball game.

We treked out west for my neice's wedding (yep, my neice that's number 4 of my neices and nephews to get married). GG helped out with a football camp and I hung out with family and took lots of naps. Boo was AWESOME on vacation. I could live on vacation. She slept well, she ate well, she played well. She had older cousins to play with (or follow) so I didn't have to watch her every minute.  We were happy-we're happy still but it was great!

Thank You Lovely Family and Friends that made our trip wonderful!!!!

ps. I'll post 4th of July photos later....I'm all tuckered out! ;)



Chanda said...

LOVE her huge smiles!

Stephanie said...

Cute. That picture of us girls is really good. Probably the best ever.

Stacey said...

Someone has been digi-scrapping. Good for you. My favorite picture of all of us is from Alissa's wedding. But this one is pretty good.