Sunday, April 24, 2011


Has anyone seen my baby?

Where did she go? I can't believe how much she has grown up. I was looking at pictures the other night and I am amazed that she changed so much in last few months. I realize she is no longer my baby. :(

This is her last easter

This is her this Easter 
(She was a total pro at the whole easter egg hunt thing. Quite impressed)

 I didn't realize how quickly I'd miss the baby stage. Don't get me wrong this is entirely a fun, challenging (at at times frustrating) stage but I miss my sweet baby. I:ll just cherish all the hugs and kisses that I get from Miss Boo.  I love this girl soooo much!

p.s. (I know what many of you will say or think that it's time for another. My response: All in good time.)


Greg and Stacey said...

They grow up so very fast. Everyone says that but you don't really realize it's true until it happens to your kids. My baby boy just turned eight today. It all went so fast.
Is this a good time for another?

Cory & Rebeca said...

WOW, really she's that big?! I still have her in my mind as a baby probably just from the last time we saw you guys. Enjoy the time you have with miss Boo, it gets crazier when more come and you want to spend time equally with everyone. Sadly in our fam I think mr. J gets put 2nd A LOT bc his older sister demands the attention, luckily he's easy going. :) Miss you guys!

Becky said...

She really does look SO different. Amazing! So precious as a baby and so cute as a toddler! Marley just turned three! We are constantly reminded by many that it's time for a new one...I love your response and I just may steal it... All in good time. Love it. Miss you!

ashley wright said...

sweetest little girl ever!! It's crazy to see how much they change in ONE year!!!